Saturday April 19, 2014

VRay IES Light

Hey, here’s all you need to know about VRay IES Light Setup by using 3Ds Max.

You can use Photometric IES viewer to view IES lights here’s the download website
And you can also Download FREE 30 IES lights here
My test scene can be downloaded here
ies light vray

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The NEW American Home 2014

Me and my buddy Max went to Las Vegas to check this “New American Standard” of Architecture & Design.
Max did the camera (sony)
I did the editing with and photography – the photos are here

It’s 100% Bacteria Free even though there’s a waterfall in the house AND 90 % of the house functions on solar system.
Floor and walls temperature adjustable by using wall touch screen, which located in every room.
Easy on eye design merges with hi-tec technology that was created only last year.
Both electric and gas cars can be charged from the house – free “fuel”.
The price of such house somewhere between $7+ million.
More details about this house can be found here.

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VRayGuide 4th Anniversary

It’s been wonderful 4 years and I would like to thank you for taking this journey with me, following and promoting my activity on social network, supporting by posting comments, questions and feedbacks.
Hope there will be more such wonderful years to come, and I wish you will keep progressing and becoming better through my video tutorials.

Here’s a little video I’ve made for our 4th Anniversary. Discounts and SALE can be found below this video.

4th Anniversary – FREE SCENES – 75% OFF DISCOUNTS

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5 FREE Exterior Setups

I’ve made those FREE Exterior setups especially for those that struggle to set their VRaySun VRaySky and VRayPhysCam white balance.

All the cameras were adjusted to match day time temperature and the proper environment exposure.

This setup were made with “Linear” workflow and works excellent with saving output as HDRI and NOT as JPG or PNG.

Alright so here it is, 5 FREE Exterior setups made with 3Ds Max 2010 and VRay 1.5 SP6



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HDRi Lighting 3DsMax VRay

Check out this FREE HDRI sky provided by Peter Guthrie .

He does amazing renders simply because he uses the most advanced method for lighting up interior & exterior scenes by using 3Ds max and VRay.

This method called IBL – “Image Based Lighting“, and it’s based on High Dynamic Range images (HDRI’s) – Images strong enough to lighten the entire scene.

Additional lights can be used to emphasize better different objects in the scene, but the general idea, is that you can use only one image to do your PhotoRealistic lighting and get outstanding results.

Here’s how you can do it in the most efficient way:

Free HDRI scene here

Peter Guthrie FREE HDRI link

Alright, hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find FREE scene useful!

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Don’t forget to leave credit to Peter if you use his sky :)
If you liked this tutorial, you’ll probably love my new HDRI Stills Production Training

Stills Production App on iTunes / Google Play

First VRay Training App for Android – Also can be fount on iTunesiPhone and iPad

This is so exiting to be one of the first, to lay such an important stone in the Arch. Viz. Industry!
And teach you how to do Hyper REALISTIC INTERIOR Renders by using HDRI maps – with 3DsMax and VRay.
“Hollywood does it! Why can’t we?”
The answer is …
“Yes we can!”
And here’s an app that will teach you how to do it – like a PRO!

VRay Stills Production App Content:

- Introduction to Photorealistic Stills – “Good” vs. “Bad” Arch. Viz.
- 3Ds Max System Configuration – Advanced Workflow Setup
- Basic VRay “Physically correct” Lighting Setup
- Advanced HDRI Lighting – IBL Method
- HDRI Principles: Basic creation of HDRI map in Photoshop
- HDRI Lighting and Rendering – “Soft Shadows” Control & Setup
- Rendering VRay Passes – Basic passes combination (Simple six)
- Advanced Passes Combination with AO plugin
- Adding Photorealism – Photoshop with Plugins.

Just make it clear, we are using professional “HOLLYWOOD” Lighting techniques to do photorealistic Architectural Visualization!
So if you looking for traditional “Old School” VRay Lighting training, you should move on, this app is not for you.

VRay Stills Production App will teach you how to make Photo-Real images by using HDRI maps – Which is the BEST way to light your interior scenes with VRay!
I’m going to show you through 10 VIDEO TUTORIALS how to setup lighting for every day time situation – plus you can download the videos and watch them as many times you need.
- Your 3D renders will LOOK much more realistic than EVER!
Big variety of HDRI maps for FREE use included in this workshop – AND we are going to teach you how to use them in the most efficient way.

This entire workshop will provide you with “Complete Pipeline” – that you can reuse in your future work.

Be the first to learn this MIND Blowing method, before everyone else!

Thank you very much for checking this out.
VRayART Team
This app will have FREE updates and additional content will be added regularly.

Post Production – AfterEffects & LooksBuilder

3Ds Max and VRay can supply you the footage, however it is your job to make it Photorealistic!
Good Post production is the key to make your sequence look like “Hollywood” movie or at least something that “Looks & Feels” high budget!
Here’ how you can do it in less than 10 minutes of work.

Hope you liked this and it opened your eyes to how important to have control.
This piece is one of the most juiciest parts of our Fly-through Animation Workshop.

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The Real Deal is here:

VRay Passes in After Effects

Hey, here’s how you can combine VRay passes by using after effects!
Pretty much the same principles as in Photoshop :)

It’s not a linear way, so I’m not trying to get “physically correct beauty pass”…
This render was made with color mapping = exponential, not linear.

Enjoy the video

VRay Passes assembly with After Effects (Non-Linear way) + AO pass with 3Ds Max FREE Plugin!

This was a sample from our Fly-through Animation training that we just did.

More free samples coming up soon :)